Maria Del Sol



Maria del Sol began her flamenco dance studies at Alegria Academia Flamenca under the tuition of Rosana Maya in 1995, From where she obtained certificates in Alianza method of Assessment and has successfully obtained her full Teachers certificate. She has recently been handed over the running of Alegria Academia and Alegria Dance Company where she will be continuing to teach Flamenco both locally and throughout India.


besides studying in Malta, Maria has attended courses in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain and Seville under the tuition of well renowned mastros of flamenco. In 2004 she was awarded the Comsec International Scholarship award and spent 5 months studying Flamenco in Seville, Spain. Maria has also attended courses held in Malta by visiting Spanish Maestros.



Rosanna Maya (Malta) Flamenco & Estilizada

Nicola Henson (Mallta) Ballet & Stretch

Hazel Acosta (Malta) Flamenco 2000

Carlos Bain (Malta) Flamenco 2001, 2004, 2006

Manolo Marin (Spain) Flamenco 2001

Jose Merino (Malta) Flamenco 2002, 2003

Javier Baga (Malta) Estilizada 2002, 2003

Immaculada Aguilar (Spain) Flamenco 2002

Maria del mar Moreno (Spain) Flamenco 2002

Donna Marina Lorca (South Africa) Flamenco 2003

Juana Vargas (South Africa) Flamenco 2003

Francesca Grima (Malta) Flamenco 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008

Andrej Vujicic (Malta & Spain) Compas/Palmas/Cajon 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008

Sinan Vural (Malta) Argentine Tango 2004

Jose el Tremendo (Malta) Flamenco Singing 2004

Immaculada Aguilar (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Soraja Clavijo (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Adela Campallo (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Manuela Rios (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Pilar Ortega (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Alicia Marquez (Spain) Flamenco 2005

Angel Munoz (Malta) Flamenco 2005

Miguel Angel Espina (Mlt) Estilizada/Flamenco 2005

Manolo Marin (Malta) Flamenco 2006

Ana Maria Lopez (Spain) Flamenco 2007

Pilar Ogalla (Spain) Flamenco 2007

Milagros Mengibar (Spain) Flamenco 2008

Juan de los Reyes (Spain) Flamenco 2009


Maria has considerable experience in the organization of various artistic events, seminars and theatre productions, as well as regularly performing in cabaret, T.V., film, festival, gala events and theatre. Video and Photographic material available.







Various certificates from Jerez Flamenco Festival (2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008)

Alianza Flamenca - Curso Preliminario, Curso Uno, Curso Dos, Curso Tres, Curso Cuatro, Curso Cinco, Curso Seis and Curso Siete.

Full teachers certificate of Alianza Flamenca.



Century Mediterranean Conf. Centre Malta 1998

Alegria 1 Salesians Theatre Malta 2000

Bay Street Launch Bay Street Shopping Mall Malta 2000

Comedia del Arte Bay Street Shopping Mall Malta 2001

Carmen Ta Qali Amphitheatre Malta /Gozo 2001

Riflessi Sajfin Marsalforn Piazza Gozo 2001

Malta Song Festival Mediterranean Conf Centre Malta 2001

Bay Street 1st Anniv. Bay Street Shopping Mall Malta 2001

Alegria Tablao Hotel Les Lapin Malta 2002

La Traviata Manoel Theatre Malta 2002

Trilogy Ta Qali Amphitheatre Malta 2002

Riflessi Sajfin Marsalforn Piazza Gozo 2002

Independence Day Floriana Piazza Malta 2002

Alegria 2 Salesians Theatre Malta 2003

Dance Fusion Manoel Theatre Malta 2003

Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Rajkot Galaxy Centre India 2003 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Prithvi Theatre, Bombay India 2003 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Wilvan Spanish Theatre South Africa 2003 Spain National Day (Soloist) Embassy of Spain South Africa 2003 Pasion Flamenco (Soloist) Cilantro Bar Malta 2004

Mediterranean Food Festival (Soloist) Eden Arena Malta 2004 Ghana Festival Argotti Gardens Malta 2004

Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Rajkot Galaxy Centre India 2004 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Prithvi Theatre, Bombay India 2004

Nut King Launch The Taj Hotel, Bombay India 2004

Spain National Day Embassy of Spain Malta 2004

Bailamos Flamenco (Guest Solo Artist) Malta Hilton Malta 2004 Maya on Flamenco Manoel Theatre Malta 2005

Waking up the Lady (Community Chest Fund) Neptune Gardens Malta 2005

Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Rajkot Galaxy Centre India 2005 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Shaktiyogashram India 2005

Maya on Flamenco Nehru Theatre, Bombay India 2005

Celebraciones Sacred Heart Theatre Malta 2005

Spanish Nights Piazza Latina Restaurant Malta 2006

Carmen (Soloist) Old Opera House, Valletta Malta 2006

Spanish Night Carter Road, Mumbai India 2006

Flamenco Demo Rajkot Galaxy Centre India 2006

Alianza Flamenca Launch Squeeze Club, Mumbai India 2006 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Golf Club, Trivandrum India 2006 Flamenco Demo (Soloist) Tennis Club, Trivandrum India 2006

Salsa Festival (Soloist) Joss, KalaGhoda, Bombay India 2007 Salsa Festival Bangalore India 2007

Notte Bianca (Soloist) Prime Ministerís Palace Malta 2007

Notte Bianca Prime Ministerís Palace Malta 2008

DJ Ruby Pure Promotions MFCC Centre Malta 2008

Private Wedding Jaipur India 2009